First Reconstruction of the Holocene Climate

Breitenbach, Sebastian F. M.; Marwan, Norbert

Die Bleßberghöhle – ein Glücksfall für die Klimaforschung Book Section

In: Thüringer Höhlenverein, e. V. (Ed.): Nächster Halt: Bleßberghöhle, Suhl, 2022.

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Breitenbach, Sebastian F. M.; Plessen, Birgit; Wenz, Sarah; Leonhardt, Jens; Tjallingii, Rik; Scholz, Denis; Jochum, Klaus-Peter; Marwan, Norbert

A multi-proxy reconstruction of Holocene climate change from Blessberg Cave, Germany Proceedings Article

In: Geophysical Research Abstracts, pp. EGU2016-14213, 2016.

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The first results of the geochemical analyses of the three stalagmites BB-1 to BB-3 already allow conclusions about the climatic changes of the last 14,000 years. A detailed interpretation can be found in the article Climate zone shift in Central Europe.

First results of analyses of BB-1 to BB-3